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Camping regulations

The management of Camping Duinhorst offers you a warm welcome and an enjoyable stay. In general, the same rules as on the public highway also apply here. Therefore, we ask that you please abide by the following campsite rules:

  1. Pets are not allowed.
  2. You must leave the campsite before 12.00 noon.
  3. Do not cause a nuisance to your fellow campers by making too much noise, etc.
  4. Night-time starts at 23.00 hours and lasts until 07.00 hours the next morning. Night-time means: no noise, music, cars, sports and games.
    Gatherings and groups in and around the buildings are not permitted after 23.00 hours.
  5. Barbecuing is only permitted between 08.00 and 22.00 hours.
  6. Burning wood, in whatever form, is not permitted.
  7. The use and possession of drugs is prohibited on the campsite.
  8. We will always notify the police of any (suspected) criminal behaviour.
  9. Digging around the tent or caravan is not permitted.
  10. The maximum speed at the campsite is 10 km/h.
  11. Use the campsite’s bins and containers and don’t throw any waste or rubbish onto the site or among the planting.
  12. The management is entitled to deny access to the site or to deny any campers already present any further stay at the campsite.
  13. Keep the toilets clean.
  14. Children’s paddling pools may not be used on your camping pitch.
  15. Any damage caused to buildings, vegetation or other property belonging to the campsite will be charged to those involved.
  16. The campsite owner allows campers and visitors onto the site at their own risk. He or she doesn’t accept any responsibility for damage and/or accidents caused by third parties. By entering the site, campers and/or visitors expressly waive the right to any compensation towards campsite Duinhorst.
  17. The full amount payable is due upon arrival. No refund will be provided in case of an earlier departure.
  18. Groups, companies and parties are not permitted.